Wednesday, September 28, 2011


Yesterday was my son's first day with the special therapist. I have hired a therapist twice a week to assist my son with his inattention problem. The program lasts for 1 1/2 hours each visit. I wasn't there to see how things were, but then I talked to my son and went through the first report.

The report basically says that my son ability to focus is still not under his continous control. She gave him toys that will help his ability to focus, yet she did not leave me a message the part that I have to do with my son. I truly believe that she can't handle everything within such a short period and she needs us as a helping hand.

Yesterday, as I got home, my son and I spent sometimes in my room to read his school assignment. I asked him to read twice and he was complaining. Despite the fact that he didn't like the idea to read it again, he made progress on the second try.

As I rode in the bus this morning, I realized how ignorant I had been last nite with my son. Instead of focusing on reading it, I had better focus on his understanding of the reading material. I should have asked him to draw and made a role play out of it. Eeghhhh..... how could I turn to be so ignorant!!

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