Monday, September 26, 2011


I have never believed that life proceed without upheavel. All that is smooth is nothing but a fatamorgana. It appears as if it is smooth for many reasons. Either we don't know much about it, or we imagine things the way we expect them to be, ignoring the facts. The program that I designed for my son has to face stumbling blocks. The fact that I work and has to be out of town at least once a month or twice a month have disturbed the progress of my program.
Last week, I had to go to Bandung for my work. I had to be there for 3 nights but I made sure that I stayed only two nights. But those two nights had altered some of the programs. This week end I have to be in Yogya, again for two nights. This means I have to arrange a new time slot for his program. Next week I will be away for another 3 nights. Hopefully I can rearrange everything so that he won't be behind in his school work.

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