Wednesday, September 21, 2011


Behavior formation has the urgency to include consistency! No matter how excellent the programs are, or no matter how good you are in guiding the programs, it will fall into pieces unless you add consistency into it.
Reward system for my son has been developed together with him. Lately he's been asking me for a new bike. I promise him that I will buy him a new bike if he manages to collect 50 stars. Each star represents his achievement in one subject area. Everyday if he manages to finish one or two subject areas he will get the stars. I have been implementing this reward system and it works quite well. I need to manage the consistency so that it will impact his behavior. If he manages to get 50 stars within a month I will consider it as excellent. For 50 stars in a month indicates that he review 2 subjects in a day. That will be enough to catch up for his lessons.
My son seems to enjoy the program. He begins to see the stars as his aim in studying. I have the intention to include sport to be part of the program. It will serve as an indicator to his strength. As for me, I begin to see the other side of my son. Instead of his inattention and hyperactivity, he can be managed if we show our patience for he now has a motivation, a reason to do his best, though it is still a very short term reason and a material based reason. I am hoping I could accelerate his motivation further as it touches his existence, a reason for living, a reason to become a better person as to be able to contribute to life. Consistency will lead him to reach for his real stars.

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