Saturday, September 17, 2011


This morning we went swimming. Our target for swimming is preparing my son for the next level. We are motivating him to join a swimming club with the understanding that swimming is his passion. We are hoping that he could gain his self confidence through it.
The teacher began to push him to do the breaststroke. In the beginning he refuse to do so, for he is comfortable with the freestroke. The teacher persuade by encouraging him to compete with most people who can swim freestroke. The teacher seemed to press the right button, for my son right away swam in breaststroke.

My son loves to compete and win. It's both positive and negative. In sport he'll manage this enthousiasms well, but at school, it might turn to be a factor that will pull him down. Learning difficulties that accompany his ADHD made him learn differently than other children. He requires more time than any other children, so is also with the method of learning. I have to make sure that his schoolwork is chopped into small pieces and made him work on it. I also have to make sure that learning is fun. Therefore I have included games as part of the process of learning.

Today the therapist will come to our house to see how my son behaves at school. She promised to be at our place at 10. My son will have his chinese class at 2 o'clock. It's gonna be a hectic day for him, but hectic is the exact word for his remedy.

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