Tuesday, September 27, 2011


Tempo magazine 26 September - 2 Oktober 2011 edition, covers a two page story on ADHD, under the title The Bouncing Ball in the Class Room. The feature covers inattention as the main symptoms that need to be intervened. The people who were interviewed were basically psychiatrists who major in ADHD. They provide their professional knowledge and opinion on ADHD.
The article expressed the concerned about the number of ADHD patients that has been stated to cover only 3-5% out of the children population. A recent survey (held on December 2010 to Juni 2011) reveals more than 26,2% of children in Jakarta suffers from ADHD. The high populated children with ADHD have not received proper care. It is either parents do not understand ADHD and blamed the child of being ill mannered, or parents are ashamed to accept the fact that their children suffer from ADHD or there aren't too many professionals who can diagnose the symptoms of ADHD. In my case it was the latter.
I have been taking my son to the pediatric and to a neurologist as well as to a number of psychologists, they all said that my son seems to be "normal" ( I hate this categorization). It was later on when he's alredy 7 years the same neurologist told me that something is wrong with my son and the same pediatrician wanted to give my son medication. As the development of a child brain is slowing down at the age of 7, I realized that I had to spend more effort on his intervention. This shouldn't have happened if only the media or the department of health would have paid a little bit attention on such issues. It is the public right to get proper information on growing issues. Don't they believe that children are the future generation? During the earthquake in Japan, all efforts were primarily aimed at supporting children since they realized that children are their future.
I'm not a beginner with the internet, yet, I could hardly find any informative stuff on ADHD from Indonesia in the internet. I do to some extent but most of them break my hope for they told you that ADHD children tend to be drug addicts, deal with crimes and all the negative stuff. I prefer to read information from other advanced countries for they give me information and a bit of solution, since the real solution is unreachable due to the distance.
I have to thank Tempo for providing quite an informative feature on ADHD. They even broadcasted the fact of the surveys and give information on the very few school that will accept ADHD student. So far, I only know one that specializes in learning difficulties in Sekolah Pantara and Sekolah Dasar Pela Mampang.
As for me, it was really reliefing to know that we do have some good professionals who specialize in ADHD. Some of the names are mentioned in Tempo. I searched for the name on the internet and registered my son for consultation next Saturday for this Saturday I have to be out of town.
Finally, I still keep the hope that my eldest daughter who majors in graphic design would work on information on ADHD for her final project paper. She could contribute a lot to so many parents.

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