Wednesday, September 14, 2011


I know it's not easy to define what's disturbing my son. I expected, at least, that professionals that come from one clinic could probably collaborate and decide my son's problems. Yesterday my son is supposed to follow a therapy for the first one. It took him almost 2 hours in total. I wasn't with him, so I heard the news from my daughter and through my phone conversation with the therapist.
The therapist said my son doesn't have ADHD nor does he has dyslexia. Instead his intellectual quotient is a bit beyond standard. Every mother, including me, takes this as a punishment.
Throughout my conversation with her, I explained all the details of my observation. Guess what? She sounded like she doubt her own conclusion. I might have redirect her opinion as an impact of my refusal to her punishment or she didn't have sufficient information to arrive to her conclusion. In the end of our conversation, she began to redirect her conclusion.
It is not easy to find out about my son. As with me, I'm not a professional, I'm waiting for, in fact I'm paying for professionals to let me know his problems. I kinda get lost in this game of life.

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