Thursday, October 21, 2010


I thank God for having all my children in my life. There is always an event or incident that make one among them pops up to the surface level. My eldest, she is 23, she is beautiful and delicate. Of course she has her shortcomings, who doesnt. She is impulsive but deep down she is soft and cares a lot to others. She loves her brother and sister and takes care of them well. She is a thermometer that indicates my being a mother.
However life is not always good to her. There are times she gets real big punches in her life. My youngest who happens to be 7 years old has quite an attachment to her. I thank God for this, for my son needs more than just me to take care and look after him. But people perceive such closeness in a negative way. They make stories and create gossips that my son is actually my grandson and he is my daughter's son. It is easy to say...ignore them. But reality is harder than just words. The rumors and gossips spread out like germs, it affected her love life, her studies and most areas that she goes to, most crowds that she belongs to. I know she is unhappy about it, but I wish I could tell her that my heart is bleeding to see her carrying the cross.
Dear God, help my daughter, provide her with strength so that she can face the world. Give her your blessings Lord. I am not asking you to take away the cross from her, but give her strength to carry the cross.
Put, I am so proud of you. How you take things lightly and how you sacrifice yourself for your brother. I am definitely sure that God will be with you in every steps you take and we, your dad and I, will always be there for you. You are my daughter, you are my precious. We love you.