Saturday, September 29, 2012


The headlines of the news covered brawls among students in Jakarta. The first one occurred among two elite schools in the southern part of Jakarta. One student died after being beaked by a sickles. This news had not lasted too long before another students in Depok was killed folowing a brawl among students of two vocational schools. Enclosed are some pieces of interview with two Ministers on this issue:

The Jakarta Post, September 26, 2012 “We are sorry that violence is still rampant at schools. We are determined to make this case the very last of these brawls ever, and to transform these two schools into harmonious, top-quality neighborhood schools,” Nuh told a press conference with Jakarta Governor Fauzi Bowo and the principals and the two school committee heads of SMA 6 and SMA 70 state high schools in Kebayoran Baru, South Jakarta. (Hallo! Within the same week another student died in another brawls)

The Jakarta Post, September 27, 2012: Religious Affairs minister Suryadharma Ali put the blame on a lack of religious discussion in schools. “We will cooperate with the Education Ministry and the Home Affairs 
Ministry to add extra hours of religious subjects in schools.” (God please help our Minister he put all his burden on You and need to be reminded of his part. To all the houses of worship, mind the message).": Saya agak surprise. Saya tanya puas mas telah membunuh korban? 'puas pak katanya. Siapa yang gak kaget, membunuh orang kok puas," kata M Nuh kepada wartawan di Polres Jakarta Selatan, Jakarta, Rabu (26/9). ("Asking a question is indeed more difficult than answering it". Now I know what it means. Can you consider asking the proper question as part of our education subject? I am willing to be the first student as I see it as a big issue. Poor child, aside from your poor attitude, I feel sorry for having been stamped with the label that was triggered upon you).