Tuesday, July 16, 2013


 There are 5 main reasons why I am against the implementation of the 2013 currriculum.
The first is the fact that the curriculum was designed by a technician the so called  assistance to  the minister who majors in technology. Being a technician he strongly believes that education works in a mechanistic manner. Moral, knowledgge and performance are three linear actions. Excellent performance is the function of moral and knowledge. Knowledge is nothing without morals. So morals will be the main focus. If a student  excell in morals they will defintely excell in knowledge. Since morals and knowledge are  a function of performance, the impact  will contribute to performance. Linearity does not work in social issues.
The second, what is moral ? Moral is religion. Therefore religion will dominate the curriculum. In every modules children are taught about the greatness of God. The sun, the success, the rain are the gift of God. I have no objection so far. Not until the statement  of the Minister came accross my mind. When the final examinations in some parts of Indonesia were rescheduled, the Minister said, this  is a temptation. Moses had to face temptation, so do I. Another example came from a small city, Situbondo. Nimas Puspitaningrum failed the final  exam because she held a topless picture of her boyfriend. Sudirman has another story to tell, he was refused to join the final exam because he got married before the final exam. Nimas and Sudirman are disqualified for lack of moral values. God has to be considered for his greatness, but God's name  will also be used to protect one's or group's personal interest.
The third,  the designer of the 2013 curriculum believes that his curriculum will boost students creativity (I dont know what his argumentation is, but this is definitely hillarious). Morals provide an open space to set personal agenda. People do things, because their ideology has been  set according to an agenda. Creativity? Creativity was aimed to foster the agenda, it's not creativity in a real  sense, it is creativity set to accomplish an agenda.
The fourth, students are obliged to use the distributed books. I am not being sceptical, but history indicates that governance aspect is the main issues. Hopefully this  is not a project designed to financially support the forthcoming election. I have every reasons to be sceptical. The final exam is just one example. The library in  one of state university is another example. I believe this issue contributed the second biggest impacts on our education.
The fifth, the issue of quality teacher is actually the  main issue. Whatever the curriculum is, as long as the teacher is well prepared and of quality, I dont see no issue.
Developing the new curriculum is a response to a sympton without understanding the real  issue of our education.