Monday, September 12, 2005


I try to imagine the types of questions that my son is going to ask me when he grows up.
“Who is my mother??? “
“I dont know her, but She’s an angel, I believe.”
“Why did she leave me and didnt want to take care of me herself if she really is an angel???”
“She knew that I could not live without you. You are here with me to paint the color of my days. The angels are supposed to make people happy. I’m extremely happy to have you and I hope you are also happy to be with me. “
“And who is my father???”
“Your Father is also my Father...he’s our Father. He lives up there behind the rainbow. Remember the meaning of your name. Your name means a gift of God... you are His greatest gift of all.”

Friday, September 09, 2005


Start with an A... that’s the name that came accross my eyes when I was browing the internet. Im going to name you A... because you are indeed a gift of God served on the tray for me.
I wonder how it feels to be you be lost in the world of the childlike adults. To be shunted away without ever having an opportunity to express what you think of your own life, without ever having the right to fight for your own life.
My son... if life can not offer your two lips to express your own thoughts, Im sure God will allow you to do so for He has created those lips for you and has blown the breath of living into you.... you have the same privileges like any other children do.