Wednesday, August 08, 2012


I am over the barrel. Helpless and battered. I have been trying to understand what was the reason behind everything. I believe there is one if not many reasons that things happen to your life. God doesn't play dice with the universe if I may copy a notorious experession.
As time goes by, the veil is gradually open and provide a gap that lead me to the big picture. The headache is not yet settled, it's still there. But the hero is standing right in front of me, ready to protect me. You are not perfect, who is? With all your lacks that made me see you as a total imperfection is gradually changing. You protect us in time of despair and you do it in silence and full of patience.This is the first time that I admitted the fact that he's my hero. Thank you for keeping the patience so long. twenty six years is not a short time. Yet you are still there by my side.  Thank you. You are my hero, indeed.

Sunday, August 05, 2012


Dear God, can you spare your extra time for me? Can we sit down and talk? Will you listen to my story, to my version. I know you are there to provide me with the best way ever, I believe in You, no other just You. But can you put what I believe into reality. Just one or two? I don't need all. Just one or two, if I may.I will put them in my outgoing mailbox and send them to You. Please read them God.  I am so so so tired!