Thursday, September 15, 2011


Children with ADD tend to have a stronger right brain hemisphere. This is a good point to start building his confidence.So far the right brain hemisphere is also my son's strength. At home he has gained a number of trophies for games that require physical activities. I take him swimming every Saturday and he used to play football on Saturday as well. He enjoys doing sport. although it's not easy when he's moody.
Lately my son shows a strong enthousiasm on swimming. He loves to compete and he's doing good in free style. When week end is approaching he reminds me of our swimming time. His motivation is an achievement. We need to climb up the next ladder so that his motivation is not going to die out.
My friend told me that during one of the show on local television there is a down syndrome swimmer that could win the gold medal in International competition in Athens. I found out that the girls name is Stephani Handoyo. She goes to an ordinary school and she has the ability to play the piano as well. It is not easy for children with imbalanced brain hemispheres to play the piano. Two thumbs up for her mother who dedicate her entire life to develop her daughter.
As for son's musical ability, I probably would put my son in a percusion class. Just give him the chance to explore the world.


yaya said...

Hi! I just wanted to thank you for visiting my blog. I've been reading your past posts and see you have many challenges in motherhood and raising your son. You seem very spiritual and I know the Lord is helping you with all the many things you trying to help your family deal with. Please visit anytime and I will stop by here and see how your days are going. Have a good week!

Ibu said...

Thank you Yaya for being so thoughtful, I know He will always be there for me to support me and keep me strong.