Saturday, September 17, 2011


My son's therapist dropped by today. She wanted to see my son's behavior at home. We then got involved in a discussion about my son. It seems that we both agree that my son suffers from Attention Deficit Disorder with mild hyperactivity. She added some of her assumptions. She believes that going to an international school has added my child confusion and my son doesn't suffer from dyslexia.
The next step she proposed a home schooling program for my son. With her background in education for children with special needs, she is willing to help my son. In her opinion, my son will have more problems when he sits in the fourth grade later. I agree with her though not entirely.
I decided to discuss it with my husband prior to my approval to her proposal.
My husband suggested me to take the two times a week program instead of three times for one main reason: my son's education requires extra money, extra effort and extra time. He has taken extra classes for arithmatic, swimming lesson, extra chinese lessons and now we have the inattention intervention program twice a week. His days are full with extra this, extra that and extra who knows what.

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Anonymous said...

I’m sorry that caring for your child’s special needs is taking much more of a toll on your family than you were prepared for. I know it can’t be easy to send him to therapy regularly because it does cost money, but if it’s helping him out, then I think it’s worth it. Work with your therapist on how to home-school your son yourself first. That might not be as heavy on the budget as hiring someone else to do it.

-- Tyler Goodwin