Sunday, September 11, 2011


My life has turned so colorful as I raise my son. Today he has to do some homework for tomorrow, reading and math. According to the psychologist both are his weak points. So we started doing his homework at 7 and hoping it would last till 9. Again I used the standard studying hours.
We started with Math. I chose the corner of the room in which there were only my son and me. In the beginning I wanted to explain the answers but then he blurted right away saying that he knew the answer. So I let him worked on his own.
He kept on coming back to me to ask for explanations and since I was focusing myself on other things I easily lost my patience. My husband entered the room and joined us. I was busy talking to my husband and again I ignored my son. He came back again and again for some more explanations. I really lost my temper and shouted at him to work on his homework.
After a while I realized that he couldn't think properly because of my temper. He couldn't answer the easiest question simply because he was afraid of me.
Theoretically speaking, I know exactly that a mother is not supposed to loose her temper, but practically it's not easy. And patience is the utmost when dealing with ADHD children. I remember vaguely the lines that I read in some references: "The teacher will play a big role in teaching children with learning difficulties, however parents are the most. Therefore parents have to be in a healthy and good condition in order to help their ADHD child."
My son's nose was bleeding again so I sent him to bed. As I watched him going to sleep I regretted myself for not having enough patience. I'm sorry son!

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