Sunday, September 11, 2011


I have set up a meeting with a friend yesterday. I wanted to develop a syllabus for my son. Who knows that syllabus could contribute to all other sons who have similar problems as my son. We met in a quite fancy restaurant. She was with her son, similar age to my son and resembles a lot to my son. That little boy was playing with his laptop in the corner beside his mom while I was sitting right in front of his mom.
She explained the methodology of developing a syllabus. I slowly digested her explanation and got a rough picture of the methodology. Just to make sure that my understanding is proper I began to explain how to introduce the methodology to my son's condition. I must say, yes, my elaboration is in accordance to the methodology. So happy I was that I went home and couldn't wait any longer to work on the syllabus. Unfortunately however, I bumped against the stumbling blocks.
The first block came from the fact that I haven't received any confirmation from the neurologist what my son's problems actually. No matter how firm I am with my son's situation I still have to count on any possibilities that is based on his professional (I hate this word ) judgments. The second block came from the fact that since I am not firm on the cause how could I define the intervention program for my son. The third, I definitely can start with the symptoms such as hyperactivity, attention and learning disabilities but how can I define the strategy and the program unless I know the main location of the problem that impacted his psychomotor hyperactivity?
My friend silently wrote down something on a piece of paper and showed it to me. She said, my son is just like your son.

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