Friday, September 09, 2011


He was more than just wild. He gave me a sharp look and I dont see any signs that he's going to cease talking back to me. This is it. I have to see the expert.
I took my son to the doctor who is at the same time a pscychologist. He gave my son some medication and another bottle of vitamin which contains mostly zinc. I went through the internet to see the impact of the medication and decided not to give my son the medication. So I took my son to a neurologist nearby my house. I had explained the entire situation then he invited my son to get inside. He had a conversation with my son. Some questions were excellently answered, some were not.
He asked my son to write his own name, my name and his dad's name. He could manage to write his name and my name. Then he asked my son to do substraction and addition. He could finish the substraction then he said, he forgets everything about addition. Then the doctor gave him some instructions and asked him to follow them. It is rather complicated I must say. This time he managed to do it well. Then he told me that my son need to see the psychologist. So I went to the front desk and set for an appointment.
On the way home, my mind was wondering about my son. What's wrong with you? What do I have to do to help you? I took you to the same doctor 5 years ago and he said that there was nothing wrong with you. I took you to the psychologist and she said that there was nothing wrong with you. I took you to another psychologist and she said that you had to follow an IQ test. I took you to the fingerprint test and he said everything is balanced with your life and he showed me your strength and weakness.
What is so wrong with you son? Lord help me out, show me the things that need to be done for his sake. I know it's gonna be a very long and tiring journey. Im ready to face it. This is just the beginning, there is always a beginning which sometimes ends up with no end.

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