Friday, September 09, 2011


I arrived late and waited outside her room. My son was inside. After a couple of minutes the psychologist peeked through the door and invited me to get inside. That was probably the longest moment ever. She looked straight into my eyes and said: He suffers from dyslexia. I do know that word and the meaning, but my knowledge about it is very shallow. So she begin explaining it to me.
"Dyslexia is learning disability caused by reading problems. A child is said to suffer from Dyslexia when the child has problems with reading. There are three proposed cognitive subtypes of dyslexia: auditory, visual and attentional. Dyslexia is not intellectual problems for they are mostly children with average or above average IQs. Einstein is just one example of a dyslexic child. Your son suffers from auditory dyslexia."
I sat there in denial to her statement. Deep down in my heart I objected strongly: "You cant do that to my son. You cant punish him further." As soon as I began to gain my senses, I asked her tons of questions about it. Basically my questions were directed to the possibility of overcoming his dyslexic problems and made him be just like any other kids.
As I arrived home and began to search for some information about Dyslexia, my mind flew to a name: Foucault. He mentioned the fact that people are categorized. The metodhology to categorized people is based on knowledge determined by power. A doctor has the power to define normal to sick. As with Dyslexia, people are ignoring the fact that Dyslexic children has their own talent compared to other ordinary children. Some are really good in sport, some in music and some other in art. I need to explore my son's strength instead of focusing on his weakness. Move on Son.

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