Friday, September 16, 2011


Today my son had a quiz on language. This time it's Indonesian. Fortunately the teacher informed me ways before the quiz, so I have time to prepare my son. When he's doing his work, I always stay close to him, to help him focus, to redirect him to the page that has to worked on. A reminder that he has to go on to the next part, instead of getting carried away too far from the topic.

When he's reading I suggested him to use his finger to trace the lines so that he doesn't get lost. You'll notice the difference. Without the assitance of his finger, he manage to read the first syllable and guess the rest. He read the word "bilamana" as "bilangan". His level of vocabulary and semantic mastery has not brought him to the ability to make a proper guess based on the first syllable. The automatic word generator function has not fully developed yet or maybe need more assistance to develop. Again I'm dependent on the professionals to help me see his problem from a holistic point of view.

Another little progress that makes me very happy is his ability to express himself. In the past, if I asked him how he was doing in school, he would not respond. He just shrugged his shoulder and left or pretended that he didn't hear my question. But last nite I asked him how he was doing in school and he said, he could do 10 questions out of 12 during the quiz. At this stage I don't care about his grades for I'm fixing his learning process. Grades will only serve as a thermometer to check the temperature of his learning process.

Let's celebrate the stars you manage to collect in your bucket this week end son!

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