Sunday, October 02, 2011


In my previous post I wrote down how I had realized that my son's inattentiveness had contributed to his reading ability. It's not that he's not able to read, but he could not focus. He sees the first or the last syllable and guess the rest of the word. I asked him to point the lines with his index finger to help him focus. It helps, he can read faster now and most of all he understands what he reads.

I discussed this issue with a lecturer I happened to meet on my trip to Yogyakarta. He looked deeply into my face and said:"You know what? That's what Japanese organization requires the employees to do. For every object that has been the focus of the attention they have to point it with their index finger. I didn't realize why they have to do it, not until I heard you talk about your son. Maybe that was the reason, to keep people focus."

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