Monday, October 03, 2011


Today my son had his mid semester quiz on Bijbel and Bahasa Indonesia. He had been studying the afternoon and at nite he spent another 4 hours. It pays for today he gets 85 for Bijbel and the result for Bahasa Indonesia is still not announced. However, I am quite convinced that things would not be much different with Bahasa Indonesia than the Bijbel.

I did not know what to say when he broke the news. But one thing for sure I'm very happy. All the efforts pay and most of all he's doing progress. He feels more confident and I can feel it. It accelerates his motivation.

My son, I don't expect you to be a genius or what. I am just hoping that you could be independent in any ways that you choose to live. One thing that you can be sure of, I love you and I will do anything within my reach to make you happy and independent.

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