Sunday, October 02, 2011


My son will have the mid semester quiz for an entire whole week, starting as of tomorrow. I decided to try a new method, combining learning with exercise, which is an afternoon walk. I know it's quite risky knowing that my son has inattentive problem. He has to study among the hustle bustle of the afternoon traffic. However, I decided to give a try for if he's able to focus in the heat and traffic then he will not have any problems with focusing in the class room like any other kids. It's a kind of exercise for his inattentive problems.

So, we went for our afternoon walk. It was so hot that no longer had we walked then we had to stop for a while in Mc Donald. The heat was unbearable. Despite all the sweat and heat, my son managed to finish one chapter out of 4 that had been targeted for tomorrow. He was grumbling all the way, but I knew that he was trying to adjust. As to motivate him I promised him that if we could reach Pondok Indah Mall, I would buy him a toy. The reward is indeed powerful. As I offer him to go by busway to another direction, he asked me to focus on PIM for he was aiming for the toy.

After Mc Donald, I added another topic, Bible. He had to finish 4 chapters and managed to finish 2. This time, he wasn't grumbling anymore, on the contrary he was very happy and learned quickly. As we arrived in PIM I told him how proud I am of him and how good he had been along the afternoon walk. We went straight to the store and he bought, again, a car. He was lucky though for the shop was offering a special deal. For any purchase of two cars, one gets another car for free. So my son brought with him 3 cars. And...believe it or not, I added arithmetic and he didn't show any serious reluctance to it. Instead he memorize them well! We agreed on going to do the afternoon walk again next week. Sport and toys are his strength!

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