Thursday, April 24, 2003


Bye mom… a light kiss on my cheek, and you got out of the car. You walked slowly with your school bag hanging on your shoulder and your right hand carrying a big plastic bag containing your cheers costume. Xandraaaaaa………I heard you shouting, calling out your friend’s name. You walked faster, approaching your best friend. The two of you spurted out laughing and walked side-by-side entering the school building. Two high-spirited girls were entering the gate of life.
As I drove slowly the echoes of your laughter was still drumming in my mind. Back many years to the past, I was in your position. As far as I remember, I thought I knew why I had to be in a building called a school. Many reasons twirled around my head at that time, I had to be there because my mom wanted me to have an education. I had to be there more or less for a very traditional reason, because others were doing it as well. I also knew that it would be good for my future but…didn’t really realize it.
Later when I grew up and entered the battle of reality, I regretted myself for not really understanding why I had to be in that building called school, for not taking it into my awareness that it would have an immense impact on my life in the future. As I enter the autumn of my life, I wish I could have brought spring back into my life so as to be able to do my utmost for my education.
Angel, I hope you do understand why you have to be there….

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