Friday, April 25, 2003


Her beauty is like the morning sun rising in the horizon. Her slim tall delicate figure is covered by her soft silky complexion. Dark, shiny and straight hair hanging down and curled in right on her shoulder. Her lips were like blushing roses and her rosy cheeks adorned her perfect shaped face. Almond shaped eyes with heavy lashes. That was how you described one of your friend to me.
Beauty… Physical beauty impinges our sense of vision. You may be beautiful as perceived by the perception of others but beauty submerges beyond physical beauty. Face is only the serial number of a human specimen. There is another side of beauty…
Angel, know yourself better before you talk about beauty. I am sure you have so many beautiful things inside you that can be developed. Spend efforts to improve your inner beauty. The steadfastness of purpose, Faithfulness to principle, Sense of duty, and Strength of character, knowledge and willing to participate in life lead to the possession of inner beauty. The inner beauty is what truly turns you to be beautiful. It is a part of all of us that lives outside of time. It’s eternal and immortal.

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