Wednesday, April 16, 2003


Do you remember the butterflies in our garden? They flapped their colorful wings in the tranquility of the morning sun. We watched them in dismay, flying gracefully from one flower to another. You said to me, Mom…aren’t they beautiful.
My little angel, have you ever thought what they were before? I guess you do. They were the small caterpillars that turn your stomach every time we watched them in motion through the morning dew. They munch all the leaves and the buts of my roses.
I remember also the time when you were still my petite fille in Australia. On one summer day, as we walked hand in hand among the trees in the campus, we saw empty cocoons scattered on the grass. You asked me what happened to the living thing inside. I told you that some had transformed into the beautiful butterflies, whereas the unfortunate ones had turned into ash and became part of the earth. You felt really sorry for the unfortunate ones.

The metamorphose stages happen to every living creature, including you. You were once a little girl, but today…you are seven-teen. When you were born…we had put so many hopes and expectations. Sometimes we articulate our wishes but some other time we keep them frozen in our mind. We are afraid that we might shove too many loads upon you.
As we watch you grow up…we then realized that you have your own breath of life. We also realized that some of our hopes and expectations might not be valid for you. We try to transform you to be the missing puzzle of our live. However, most parents have gone through this path of life. Being adults and even parents do not mean that we are perfect..

We realize that you are now entering the page of reality of a teen-age angst. Mom and Dad cannot bestow the world on your lap; neither can we be eternal for you. You will have to encounter serious and significant dilemmas in your life. All those rocky and winding roads…will probably lead you to weariness. We just want to remind you: Do not stop…no matter how weighty they are. Fight for your dreams…and reach for the stars…. Be the fortunate living thing inside the cocoon and turn into a butterfly.

Finally, We just want you to treasure what we have made available for you…a basket full of love!!! Love can turn life into miracles and they are eternal.
Let this pages serve as an expression of our love to you, how we watch, care and love you, every single seconds of your life. However, we are just human beings. God only can give you the complete love. So place your life in His hand and you will get a complete love and life.
May God shower upon you all His blessings.

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