Thursday, April 17, 2003


The night was cold. I entered your room and turned on the light. It was empty. Silence was drifting in the air. Your bed was smooth and clean. Your desk was a bit disorganized. The cupboard, the computer, the chest of drawers, the chairs and the sofa they were all there. We were all silent with no word spoken.
I moved to your bed and sat on the curb of it. I saw your picture on the wall. It was taken when you were 12 years old. An innocent and naive face with long straight dark hair was looking and smiling at me. I stared back and was stirred under your magic spell. The corner of my lips rolled up slightly and a thin and vague smile was engraved on my lips.

I lazily stood up and turned off the light. It is dark all over your room. I laid my weary mind on your bed. My eyes were fixed to the ceiling. The dazzling and glittering stars embellished the dark bluish sky. The croissant shaped moon emerged like a glowing magic wagon among hundreds of luminous fairies. I saw a bare footed captivating princess sitting on the curve of the moon; long straight hair, beautiful smile with a white daisy ornamented crown. Mommy…. mommy…your voice was pondering my eardrums as it echoes continuously across the empty room. It twirled around the blank space of the cubicle before it gradually diminished and turned into nothingness. I was miles and miles away…a funny feeling was crawling and hankering inside me.

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