Tuesday, April 22, 2003


Mom…I’m going to be home at 3 o’clock today…do you think you can pick me up? Two missed calls and one message entered my cell phone. It had been a hectic day. I did not manage to pick you up. This feeling, torn in between, has been part of my life most of the time. I have left one-foot step at home, whereas the other one is in the office.
I arrived home and saw you wrapping yourself inside a blanket next to grandma. Hmmm… my cocoon. You greeted me. Your voice was deep and heavy, as if there was something blocking your throat. You needed a good sleep. I went to your room and turned on the computer. You moved from your sister’s room and sunk your exhausted body into your own bed. I left the computer and laid myself next to you. I was trying to share your days and asked you one or two questions about your trip. You were too fatigue to answer. I stopped and we slept close to each other… sailing through the ocean of dream until morning has broken.

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