Tuesday, April 29, 2014


I try to locate the doubtness that occupies my mind. How could it be there? Is this the path that everyone has to go through when they choose to beindependent. I have the knowledge, no doubt about it. I have the passion, yes, it has always been there. Maybe it was luck. Something that has always been blocking my ways. What is luck anyway?
The rationalist calls them probability, religion refers to it as God's will, philosophy names it determination, meaningful coincidence, locus of control, self fulfilling prophecy and many others. Bad luck and good luck depends on how supportive luck is toward the attainment of one's  wishes or one's dream. How supportive is luck toward my dreams so far?
Bad luck and good luck, both have been served on  my tray and I ate them, sometimes with lots of complains, some other times in silence. Through all the bad lucks they had been ways beyond my sense of justice. Good luck. I cant say I dont have it. In fact they came to me in abudance. Having no intention to mention one by one, I would nominate family, friends at work and "enemies" are blessings. They keep me alive by pulling me down and blowing me up high.
Why do I keep on comparing good and bad? Maybe they are not two separate entities. Maybe they are one in which each keep the other alive. Maybe.... I dont know much for sure, Life is a mystery. Blow the dandellion seed and hope that three will be no seeds clinging to the stalk. Wish for the good luck and be ready for the bad luck.

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