Sunday, April 27, 2014


There should always be an option or plan B. You can not just rely on one fixed plan. There are so many uncontrollable facts, either people or situations. Situations can  change anytime. It arrives without any warnings. Suddenly it's there in  front  of your door. You have to be ready wether you like  it or not. People also change. The person that you rely on will suddenly be not there anymore. If you have one single option  in your life, you definitely will  loose everything.
I have always thought that I'm going to build my career with the gigantic institution. I travelled days and nights dedicating my passion  and sweat. I might not  be as bright as those who had been claimed to be bright. However, I had left my traces there. I produced something, I dont just play around with the image of being bright.
After so many and many years, I realized that the place was actually not meant for me. Along the way, I began  to loose my passion and in my final years I worked just to earn my cents. I realize that my passion  and love for the gigantic cubicle is just a simulacra. I thought I'm part of it, in  fact it refuses  me to be part of it. The final years were a torturing moments. I had to strive very hard to wake up and pushed myself even harder to go to work. Entering the gate was like entering a torture chamber. The money was good, I have to admit it. But that's all that you  can  get. Sell your soul to the devil and earn money.
Love life does not differ much from other dimensions of life. Never give your heart to one man. You  still have other hearts to share with. Your family, desserted children, elderly people. Focusing  on just one heart will leave you with the risk of being hurt when your one and only hope changes. Keep some extra love for the rest. In the end, when your one and  only hope leave you, the rest will catch you. What do you have to offer to the rest? The left over or the crumbs?

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