Saturday, April 26, 2014


There are many versions of being Indonesian, or living in Indonesia. The versions vary, depends on  the experience of each person. Below is based on my experience:

  1. The traffic light has just  turned yellow and the cars behind you blow their horns as if you have been there for ages. Time is so precious, you have to deal with time efficiently, that's the key message.
  2. Patience is everyone's middle name. Sometimes a stranger can claim that your property is theirs and block your access to your property. Justice will definitely be considered for everyone. Have patience. A thorough investigation will be conducted and eventually you will have your access back if you know how to  behave and what to do.
  3. The definition of money  is not just a current medium of exchange in the form of coins and banknotes, but it is the password to your life. When you  are  in dangers, all you have to do is "buy" your life.  
  4. Show your empathy to all motorcyclist during the rainy season.  Do not drive underneath the bridge. The bridge is a shelter to protect them from  the rain.  Oops... let me make some corrections. It's not only during the rainy season, during all seasons. In a hot summer day, dont let them suffer too long, let them drive fast, even at the cost  of your car. To those who walk, remember, sharing is our culture, so share the pedestrian path with them and show your understanding when they honk for they have to be home soon.
  5. Private and public life are kept in balance. Everybody's life is everybody's concern. This is a communitarian society.  People will focus and put extra effort to provide you with wise words and advices when you hit the ladder of success. However they will keep it as your private life when you are  in trouble. It's all yours. Enjoy!
  6. Riding in a public transportation is so much fun. It's like a free entertainment place. Most of  the time a stranger will board on it and play you songs until you are moved and spare your coins with them. Not much just coins. You wont be richer if you keep the coins, that's the Indonesian wise proverb. Oops... angkot or public cars have also their on versions to tell. They make sure that the passengers are served. They wait for everyone to board into the angkot before they depart, be it at the green traffic light or in  the middle of the street. They also pick all passengers, in all places. Not only those who  wait at the bus stop are served, but everybody. When I say everybody, I really mean it. What a sevice! Nice, arent they?
  7. At work, tolerance is unbelievable high. People respect each other if you are of  the same race, religion, or graduate from the same university, or even if you are of the same batch of  recruitment. They collaborate and coordinate to help each other, at all cost to save their friends.
 There are many things to share. However, this  is my country. I may share all the public secrets but have to keep private  secrets in  the closet.

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