Saturday, April 05, 2014


It's the color that make you and I different. I have noticed it for sometimes. It turns softer in one dimension of your life and appears again in another  dimension. Racial  difference. Efforts were contributed to get rid of  it. It's still there, still strong although not as strong as it had been before. However, whatever got shunted will not subside. It appears with a new face, a softer face but still kills.
In the place where I used to work, people were differentiated based on the color of their name tag. The level of respect granted was based on the color of your name tag. You are your  name tag. if you loose your name tag because you are retired or because you  quit to be part of the organization, dont expect to be respected. You are suddenly a stranger, lost  in the jungle of disrespectful people.
My previous office was not the only place. There was a case when I tried to find a parking spot. I stopped in front of a bank in which I was a client. A security guard approched and asked, are you a prime member? I asked him in  dismay, what do you mean by prime member? Are you a platinum member? he asked me again. I said, mean my card? He nodded firmly. I then realized that I'm not the chosen one. So...I drove my car to find another parking spot, a more suitable parking spot for my type of card.
Similar treatment are also part of my travelling experience. I waited in the lounge of an airline for my ticket. A crowd of people were waiting for their turn. Some could not get a seat. Behind me there is a waiting room that looks cozy. The room was empty and cookies and drinks were served on the table. I saw two ladies and their drivers. I knew they were the drivers for they went in and out, asking questions for "Nyonya" to the security guard who happened to be standing next to my seat. The cozy room are indeed cozy, and in front they put a large notice: Executive Platinum Member Only. Oops....
We get so used to be treated differently based on  your color of cards, that we take it as a common practice. A condition provided based on the amount of money that you contribute to the service provider. Service which was derived from either French or Latin originated from the word servus or slave. Those who are supposed to be our "slave" tell us the type  of service that we can have. It's not their duty to serve us. It is our duty to buy their service based on the tagged price. We are enslaved by the service that we buy based on  colors. So... you are the color of your card!

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