Thursday, May 01, 2014


Good morning! It is a beautiful morning. The sun is peeping beautifully among the clowds. The birds are chirping and the plants and trees are nodding their head to greet me. How many mornings do I still have Lord?
I swallow the magnificent air as my ears capture the sound of wind chimes rattling incessantly in the air. The windchimes that connect me to my deceased sister. My sister's face is suddenly here, with me. She was laying on her death bed while I was beside her. The pain was so unbearable and she did not do anything but cry. Once in a while she made a hissing sound to let me know that she was in so much pain.
I did not know what to do. Panic was striking me at that time. But I kept on reminding myself, she needs you! I held her hand in mine and began to pray. I asked, cried and shouted silently to God to help her, to ease her pain. I did not ask God to save her for I know God had His own plan. God was saving her from another more severe  pain. We felt asleep that  night, holding hands and counting the nights in our dream. How long will this  last Lord?
The following morning as the sun appeared on  the window we both woke up battered. She was so weak, but the spirit to fight was there, alive. She posed me a question:Why did He give me such a limited time? I'm only in  my midfifties. I still have dreams to pursue? I did not know what to say. I was not ready for such conversation. I hesitated for a while before I said: "You are always lucky compared to me. You know and can  predict what's going to happen to you. The doctor said, you had only two years to go, but I could go anytime, even before you." You still have time  to plan ahead. But I probably not because it could arrive anytime.
My sister died. Similar mornings are still around, occuring in different time and spaces. And this  morning I asked the same question to myself: How  many days are left for me?

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