Sunday, May 18, 2014


If the sun can ease the  pain, I will burn myself with the rays
If the tears can subside the angst, I will make the ocean overflow
If silence can dampen the chaotic battle inside of me, I will keep both ears closed
Unfortunately the sun is there to light up the day
and keep us alive everyday
There is no promise of light without darkness
Regretably, tears can ease the angst for a while, it is still sticks there until time shunt it sideways
Tears have never been meant to exist without laugters.
Sadly silence can only deafen my ears, while the battle is there to continue. Being deaf does not mean  that the world stop evolving around the sun.
Maybe I focus too much on the pain, the angst and the chaotic battle. And maybe I focus too much on myself. And maybe I forget to answer the question of life: Have you counted your blessings?

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