Tuesday, May 11, 2010


Ever since my children were little kids I woke them up in the morning. It's not always been easy since they all love to sleep. Who doesnt? As they grow up, I hardly wake them up, since I realize that they have become their own person. But then, the essence of waking them up never stops.

As grown up, they begin to fall in love. Love has the tendency to make people sightless. Some even fall asleep and and landed in the space of dream. My daughter is not an exception. She dreams the beautiful dream of love. She truly believes that what she sees in the dream is nothing but the reality. She doesnt realize that reality will only turns into reality once you jump into it.

I try to wake her up. If only she had been the same little kid, I would have waken her up everyday. I knew that I would turn into nothing but a nuisance to her. But...alas it's so hard to make her understand that it's not for me....it's for her....

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