Monday, May 10, 2010


"All I he wanted to do is free literature from the tyranny of a single school of thought, to open debate"

Arrghhhh.... again another assignment to get over with. This time I have to present a chapter on methodology in culture studies, poststructuralism and postmodernism. Normally I dont really mind reading in fact I enjoy it much. But this topic is really killing me, for it shattered down the mainstream ways of thinking which focues on one objective universal approach into subjective multiple approaches. So...what is it? I dont know for definition is like a cage that controls the freedom of interpretation. So it leaves us with an open access to meaning.

One among the main thinker of this era is Derrida and his deconstruction method. Deconstruction was there as an opposition to logocentrism. Logocentrism is a metaphysical inheritence of ideas which is asserted to pervade all Western tradition from Plato onwards and gained ground in the 18th century Enlightenment movement with the birth of modernity. Such point of view offers the notion that there are some rational, global solutions and explanations, some general principles which guarantee progress in the development of knolwedge.
Deconstruction opposes such myth of grand narratives and replaces it with local and little narratives. He roposes 3 little steps in deconstruction: (1) the first one involves a destruction of the dominating picture in favour of what was hidden, dominated; (2) the second involves a destruiction of both the dominating and the dominated poles; (3) constructing a new and wider new pole.
I just wonder the interconnection between such method with the work that I'm currently dealing with. I try to translate the concept into my simple daily language of work and I'm still trying to read all the text with the 3 little steps in mind. I dont know how others find my experience but I am honestly confused.
Eghh...going back to the main topic.... it's due this Thursday...hopefully I can get it done by Wednesday.

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