Friday, May 07, 2010

IBU SRI: One in a Decade Phenomena

If the cycle of the season in Indonesia is approximately 6 months and in the four seasoned country is more or less, 3 months, the appeareance of a personality like Ibu Sri happens only once in a decade. I dont know her well. I only met her during the G20 meeting in Melbourne a couple of years ago. But somehow she has left a very deep impression. I was a public relations officer for the gigantic cubicle at that time. So, the journalists that came with me requested an opportunity to interview her. Her straightforwardness and her conceptual position was really different from most leaders. As far as my country concern, she is probably one in a decade phenomena. The entire time and space conspires with her and foster the unique, strong and smart leadership in her.

The news that broke out lately about her being appointed as one of the managing director for the World Bank has left me with a perturbed feeling. I believe I am not the only one. I am proud of her for there has never been in the history that an Indonesian is offered such a high position in an international organization. However, at the same time I feel sorry for my country. Like I said...she is one in a decade phenomena and my country didnt use the opportunity well.

Some bozos who managed to rob this country have done their utmost to get rid of her and win. We'll see, how long this bozos can stand the storm. The hot money that they earned will one day be the reason that will put them in the disgrace position.

Ibu, I dont know you in person, but from the deepest part of my heart allow me to congratulate you on your new appointment. Everything about you is nothing but a flare of success. I truly believe that the World Bank will benefit a lot from you. And I feel sorry for the fact that our country is not ready to face the concept of clean and honest government for we all still controlled by a bunch of rogues. I'm proud of you Ibu Sri !!!

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