Wednesday, April 21, 2010

I still have another 2 months to go before my birthday. I just wonder why people celebrate birthday, as for me it is the time to do some reflection of what has happened and what need to be done. Some people do it on new year's eve, sure it's not a problem. My preference is to do it on my birthday.
My Son's birthday fell on the 15th of April. It was a Thursday. I took a day off to join his birthday celebration at school. As he blew the birthday candle, I could see the glow of happiness shone from his eyes. It grew even more when he distributed the small gifts for his friends. It must have been the party and the fact that he was being the centre of attention that makes him happy.
April 19 is my sister's birthday. She died on the second of February this year. So my mind was set on her all the time. The fact that my training session would be held in Colorado made the memory of her occupy my entire day. I felt a bit moody and empty. My cousin texted me telling me that the flower that my sister had given her was in bloom for the first time. Do you celebrate birthday up there Sis?
April 20 my son arrived home with a bag of sweets and toy. He told me that that day was his best friend's birthday so he took home the gift and took extra care ever since. As with me, I went to the volley ball field and we had a game with another team. After the game was over, someone from the team asked me my age. ? I didnt respond to her instantly, instead my mind was wondering if I told her that I am younger than I am, would she believe in it. Age is sometimes use as an indicator of our actions. If I told her my real age she probably wouldnt believe it.
Birthday is to celebrate the fact that you are given another year to follow. Whether it's equal to happiness or not it depends on each. To those who see it as a celebration, it depends on how sucess ful the celeberation is. To those who had already passed away, their birthdays serve as the day where everyone think of her and link anything possible with her birthday. To those who are who see birthday an aging process, birthday is not a pleasant news.

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