Monday, May 26, 2003


Scene 1 : The date is set...the 6th of June, your grandparents will be celebrating their golden wedding anniversary. A fifty years full of blessings, travelling through a rocky and winding roads during winter, spring, summer and fall.
Scene 2 : I went with dad to a movie called My Big Fat Greek Wedding. It was hilariously droll. I really got a charge out of it. Marriage is not only about two different personalities, but it is also a marriage of two different cultures. Unless both of the couple or either one is ready to do sacrifices, the marriage will not work. It really takes a village to get married but once you know the clues, it will be just like another ordinary day of your life.
Scene 3 : A sound of roaring laughter burst out of my room. Sitting in my comfortable chair, resting your feet on my ottoman, you were hugging the pillow into your stomach. My big fat Greek wedding!!!!! As the movie was approaching the final part, you moved the pillow to cover your face and you were weeping lightly. I guess everyone, whoever watches that movie will get moved once it arrives at this scene. It is a sublime of love.
Scene 4 : Later when you get married, you remain ours in thought and spirit. Even death cannot put us apart. But your husband… will have you as a complete person, including you in the physical dimension. It is a very breath taking moment Angel as God passes the cup of blessing into your life.

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