Friday, May 09, 2003

It has been raining cats and dogs since last night. The streets were all inundated. I took you to school early in the morning. The traffic was moving slowly and carefully like a giant snake crossing the slippery surface. I arrived late at work and buried myself in the hurly burly of office work. You called me twice today while I was in the meetin.I drove through the hectic traffic to pick you up. The entrances to our house were all blocked by water. So the two of us decided to hang around in front of Pondok Indah, hoping that the level of water will go down and I don’t have to leave our car somewhere else.
We sat beside the peddler’s cart. We talked about life and friends. I knew that you couldn’t make a fair judgment. A thin mist of jealousy was blocking your sight. Tapping you lightly on your shoulder was a means to communicate my feelings which sometimes worth more than tons of messages. As time went by, the thin mist slowly disappreared. The drop drills the stone. As the sun slowly surrendered to shine and was about to dive into the horizon, a rainbow came into our view and smiled to my angel.

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