Tuesday, October 22, 2013


I wrote down in one of my post about number 555 or 55 that seemed to be following me. Every time I turned my eyes to the clock those numbers are there. Often when I focused on a number, 555 or 55 are exposed to my sight. I am not a strong believer in superstitious signs, but I do read them, be it accidentally. Like many other people, I try to link those numbers with bad omen.
Indeed at the age of 55 many bad incidents occured in my life. One after another, putting a lot of pressures on me. Amidst all the gravities that pulled me down I managed to push myself above the water and find for a reason  if not a rescue. I get hold to any objects that could keep me afloat. I knew that I sounded desparate by rattling and mumbling, but sometimes those words are not meant to be understood semantically for they are bear no correspondence to the reality. 
I had a talk with my second daughters, confirming her that all those bad lucks that fall upon me really happen at the age of 55. She disputed against me and said, I believe all the good things will fall upon you at the age of 55. Create your own positive self fulfilling prophecy.
In memory of my deceased brother in law, the pastor preached about the bitterness of the water and the complains that were directed to him during the flight out of Egypt. The bitterness was then turned into sweetness. The bitterness are there for a  reason. They are there to  make us appreciate the sweetness of life. Give me any number now and I will turn them into my lucky number. Bitter and sweet are there for my sake for developing myself into a complete person.

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