Tuesday, October 01, 2013


A soft softwhisper was knocking at my door
awaken me of my jolly dream
The veranda was lifeless and empty
A gust of wind gently touched my face

A vibrant multi color leaf was at my porch
She bowed gracefully
And began to chant beautifully
The glorious song of time filled the air

Hello, Im October
the wind has brought me here
to sing you the message of nature
to bring you the spirit of elevation

the blossoming flowers have gone
so have the moist green grassy field
the sunny days are yawning
indistinct shadows  will soon dwell

seek not for June
June has departed
Here I am October
arriving to deliver the magical mantra

The glowing colors of autumn
the golden moments of silence
the captivating solemn instants
That echo your own thoughts

Open your soul and let me in
For winter will soon be here
Removing the unfinished contemplations
and freezes them forever

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