Thursday, November 29, 2012


Student brawls. That was the beginning. Then came the genious ideas from the ministers' genious mind. A simple linear concept, fighting brawls with additional religion hours in schools. Based on such a simplisitic ideas they made it happen. The 2013 curriculum will add some other hours for religion.
Prior to these genious ideas, they cut off the curriculum. At the elementary level, 10 subjects were reduced into 6. for Juinior high they cut 2 subjects. Schools are expected to elaborate more hours on each subjects. The new additional hours for religion will definitely go against such purpose. Under the assumption that the general public of my country suffer from amnesia, they add some more hours for religion which will deduct the hours for other subjects. The government expect students to gain moral values through those additional hours.
I am not against adding more hours for religion. I question the purpose and the reason behind it. School should definitely be responsible to students moral values, but how responsible is responsible compared to parents? Can you prove that those additional hours will contribute to the moral values?  Should the moral values increase will it serve as a short cut to overcome the brawls? I believe the idea behind adding more hours will erasse negative behaviors are too ignorant. Behavior formation is a long story not a simple mathematic issue that could be solved with an additional two hour religion class. We have the role models comprises of leaders, teachers, parents, friends who are more powerful in behavioral formation compared to an additional two hour religion class. If they behave well, I dare to guarantee that it will minimize all the negative behaviors. If corruptors, rapists, robbers, liars, are still your closest neigbours, forget the idea of minimizing missbehaviors. Another basic question that boggle my mind, what are categorized missbehaviors? Unless you know the real meaning, you cant fight them. If you still dont know the difference between a corruptor and an angel. Forget all the idea, they are nothing but  phatic communication!

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