Tuesday, January 15, 2013


Two thumbs up for Life of Pi! Lately I have hardly seen any movies of similar quality to Life of Pi. The Hours was probably one that was close to it. Aside from the breathtaking cinematographic angles that contribute to the success, the story itself is so amazing. Similar theme had once been brought to the movie screen based on the award winning Novel written by John Steinbeck, "Of Mice and Man."
What is the difference between an animal and a man? Life of Pi offers two choices of leading life to the viewers. In time of depressed an animal tend to attack and kill other being, be it man or animal. As with human being, the ability to reflect and think, provides human being with the ability to control him/herself and spend efforts in finding harmless solutions. The movie ends with an enigmatic open plot, it all depends on the viewer to make a choice between being human or non-human.
Reality is not much difference than the theme. The choices lies open whether we choose to be human or non human. Amazing enough, that many choose the later be it an a direct or indirect manner.  Pi decides to keep his existence as a human being and managed to deal with Richard Parker, the Bengali Tiger. They both survived and collaborated until the end of their journey. The ones who are in favor of the opposite are easy to spot. The case of Angelina to take one example, she was accused and sentenced for corruption. She chose a short cut to reach for her dream. Did she "take" what belong to other people? The court proved yes though indirectly. The rape and brutal beating of the woman, who died of severe internal injuries in India is definitely another blattant example. The 6 "animals" deserve to be treated like any "animals" should. Politics is a  fertile soil to harvest the state of being non-human. One attacking the other is an ordinary news in the media. You hardly spot an article in which they use their intelligent to win a situation. It's not about how to show your existence and stand out among the crowd, it's more on how to pull down the rest so that the animal in you can stand higher. I've seen friends turn into enemies at work, I have experienced sisters that turn into strangers in families, I have witness, children turned hostile for the sake of material wealth.
Life of Pi is just another movie, but it is also a different movie. It stripped you out with a question: which one are you?

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