Tuesday, November 13, 2012


I received two mails from her. I knew it was spam, but still I kept them there. The feeling that you wrote to me bring the memory of the past. I traced all the mails, one by one. The thank you letter that you wrote to me after our wonderful holiday. That holiday moment was wonderful, yet a bit depressing. I felt a bit restless because I knew that some might not like the fact that we all came to your house and celebrated Christmast. But we did it for you because we love you and we knew that you would not be here with us for long.

Sitting under the christmast tree with mom and you, reminded me of the past, the unforgotten past. Christmast has always been the best time of the year, the moment we all looking forward to. I always thought it was because of the presents, later when I grow up I realize that it was not the presents, it's the joy and merry of being together. The atmosphere is full of laughter and smile. Small fights in between that add flavor to the Christmast spirit.

I still kept the picutre. You and me and some other cousins under the Christmast tree. I held a box of christmast present in my hand and our cousins sat around us. The excitements, the joy were painted on their faces. Can I have those moments back? Just for a few hours, not more? Are you there Sister? Can you hear me down here? It's almost Christmast

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