Tuesday, November 08, 2011


It was Saturday. It was time to see the doctor for the latest result of the medication. I left my house with a pessimistic view. My son is not doing any progress. In fact it's getting a bit worse. I didn't do any efforts to check my cellphones for this is week end.

I arrived at the doctor just in time. We dont have to wait long before the doctor invited us to get in. I knew the typical questions that he was going to ask, but I was in such a doubt to tell the truth, affraid of him prescribing a higher dossage for my son. So when he bombarded me with questions, I responded with lots of uncertainty. He asked me if the teacher is seeing any progress in my son. I said I dont know for I had not been communicating with the teacher. He asked me how my son was with his sisters. I said he still is the same, teasing his sister around. He didn't seem satisfy with my responses, so he asked me to go out of the room for he wanted to check the progress himself.

While sitting outside, I tried to contact my son's teacher. As expected, she complained a lot. I told her how sorry I am and make promises that I'm not sure I can keep. As the doctor asked me to come into his room, he showed me the result of his observation. My son is making progress. I then told him my conversation with the teacher. He retorted sharply, I didnt promise to make your child a genius, but I can help to  him focus. As with his lessons, you have to deal with it yourself. The medication that I prescribed is not meant to make them make the quizzes correctly.  Let's give him another two weeks to go before we decide what to do with the medication!

We went out of town on the same day. I took all his books, over reaction things as always. At night, we sat together on the dining table as the cool temperature rushed in through the windows. My son would have a quiz on phonics and he had to study more than 50 pages. I was surprised, for he could manage to do it quickly and happily. He focused and burried his face deeply into his books. Before dinner, he managed to finish almost half. My enthousiasm is augmenting. Thanks God for helping me out!

As I sat in front of the television I took my cell phone and saw a message from my son's teacher. She wanted me to come over to school on Monday. I know what it means and my heart sank deep into the ocean of uncertainty. As with my son, merrier and he's happy and handles his lessons better.


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