Thursday, November 17, 2011


Lately my son is so much addicted to football. He plays football e.v.e.r.y.d.a.y with his school mates at the school yard. This news is good news to me. But then there is always the bad news that goes along with the good news.

Lately he has problem with keeping himself awake when it's time for him to study. In the beginning I thought it was more driven by his laziness. In the second place, I thought he was too tired because he has to spend so many hours for his extra lessons after school. But then if I traced the past, he had never had this problem before. So what is it then???

As a short cut solution, I let him sleep till ten o clock, woke him up and studied until 12 midnight before he went back to sleep. There were times I had been too tired to stay awake, so I let him sleep till 4 am before he had to sit with me and study. However, this doesnt seem to last for my body began to ache.

As I was striving to find a way out, I then realized that I was trying to give respond to an unknown question. Was it really the hectic schedule or was it because he's lazy? Suddenly I remember all those stories about playing football after school hours. The story of desperate drivers and nannies who have to strive very hard to drag the children home. The stories of the change in his eating habit, the story of extra shirt to school and so many other stories that goes around foot ball.

Aha.. this is the bottom line of the story. Now I know that football is the main cause why he could hardly stay awake to study. Knowing the problem doesnt mean it's easier to find the way out. I dont know how to find a solution for this situation. My son loves football and period. Btw, my husband is a football player and that explains.

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