Friday, November 14, 2014


I know you feel battered. I know you feel drown in a deep sorrow. But I also know that you have learned a lot about life. The lessons that I have never ever given you. The lessons that you explore on you own in the journey of loneliness. There were crowds of people around, but they are not your crowd. You thought they were yours and that was good. Because you felt that you were not alone in  the beginning. As the sun moves higher and the life is getting hotter and dry, those whom you thought were your crowd slowly melt away. The loneliness is biting you now. The feeling of being neglected and ignored.
I admit that I have never let you go through those journeys. I knew that they were going to hurt you. I made the journey tougher and harder for you, because I had never prepared you to go through it. God always knows what's best. I did not do my part. He made you go through it His way. You have learned it the hardway, yet that's the best way.
I know, one day,when my time arrives you are more than  ready to take over my place and yet be your own person. To watch over your sister, brother and Pa. It won't be easy though, but it is another battle to tame. Life is not free of battles and those battles make your life meaningful and create the real person in you.
I heard the wind outside. Let me blow my prayer to where ever you are now. God doesn't recognize boundaries. In the office, in the meeting or any place that you name, He  brings the blessings to your life, right onto your lap. Grab it for we never know what's coming tomorrow.

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