Wednesday, January 01, 2014


I sat on  the porch in this early morning. I am enjoying the accompany of darkness and the moments of new year. The cold morning rainy air stung  my skin. My entire body shuddered.  It overpowered me, yet tt has lost its supremacy to add scent to the earth.
I love to see  the different view and feel  an unusual ambiance of the new year.  Stillness is wrapping the cold earth with its wings.  Tranquility dominated the earth. The dim blurry lights of the night were still on duty,  doing the utmost to survive in  the darkness.  Why the light was trying to be in the opposing position to  the darkness is beyond my comprehension. Darkness has its own beauty.It unveil  the secrets that have always been thwarted to reveal.  Relying on our eyes and pushing the daylight to appear through  the  lights make the power of  the perceptions subside.

I close my eyes and open my ears widely. I push my sensitivity to my skin and make it be on duty. Slowly I begin to hear  the clamours and clatters of the  night. The new year party is on. The crickets are blowing the trumpets  and the fireflies are firecrackling among the wet and wild grassy field. The bloodsucker insects whom I have been well  acquintaced with hum gleefully  in my ears.  They are not as many as they used to be, but they are there and contribute to the orchestra of  the dark.

The cold breeze arrives gently and drop some droplets of water on my skin. It penetrates my pores and inflitrate deep into my skin. It stimulates the warmth of my body to emerge and  creep soothingly throughout my entire body.  A warm cordial  night is here to greet  and me.  Welcome to the secret of the darkness, you have managed to tame it  and Happy New Year. The coming year will certainly be a combination of darkness and brightness,  the darkness is a new friend and the brightness is an old friend. We are all friends.

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