Monday, March 22, 2010


Ambon, an island in the eastern part of Indonesia, hampering across 377 Km2 with more than 400 thousands of occupants has once been the most favorite place of the Dutch colony, called spice island. Recently a religious conflict between Islam and Christian broke out. The long drawn out conflict is now over.

The conflict has left most of the areas neglected. A once known as a clean and pleasant place to visit, feels more like a place where only the fittest survive. Attention is now directed to rebuild the economy. It is a common practice that economic development can not escape from the claw of politics. The physical conflict is over, yet the invisible conflicts are still silently murmured. There will be a possibility that religion will again be utilized to disguise the political battle. When the talking animals are in conflict, the presence of Leviathan is in need.

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