Sunday, June 15, 2014


I have been using the services of Automated Teller Machine or ATM for sometimes. It is an electronic banking outlet, which assists me to complete  my transactions. However I have never put another thought on it. I draw my cash or pay my transactions and that's it. Even if I pass ATM I dont even put a special notice on it.
It changed one night after I had had a dream. An exremely weird dream. In my dream I am not me. I am an ATM. Many people came to use my services. Sometimes the queu of people are very long. I have to make sure that I can be of full service to all those people. The money has to  be there, always. A man and a beautiful girl kicked me because I ran out of money. There were also  another occasions in  which they totally ignored me because of the same reason. Deep down in my heart I was hoping they would help me and call my head office to report that I'm out of cash. But that was my hope and my hope are not the customers'.
During my dream, I asked my customers what do they need all those money for? I did not get a response, they did not even notice my question. Then I realize, I am just an ATM, I dont deserve an explanation. All I have to do is provide services to those who need cash and make sure I dont fail to do so.
That dream ended that night. I woke up from my dream and could  not help myself from thinking about it. The dream stopped but the thoughts are alive, even up to the moments of writing this story. I just wonder how my customers could survive if they are not allowed to use my services. They will probably go straight to the bank to draw cash or they go to another ATM. Again, it is only my thoughts, my thoughts are not theirs.

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