Tuesday, May 07, 2013


Let me tell you a secret my princess! There has never been a moment in  which I forget any of my children. The three of you are all MY children. Children should be treated like children, with love and extra care! I agree! But children do not remain children throughout their entire life. Children have to grow up and become their own person. It's time for them to share their love and care to others. I guess the time is now yours my dear.
A mother will always think of what's best for the children. At least in her own version  of "best". You have chosen to choose your own life and share it with your own choice of man. It has got to be that way isnt it? Yes, I agree with you. Go and take your path that you believe in. I will stop saying no. I will let you go. I just want to remind you that this is no point of return.
Your eyes are blinded by love. You cant see the difference between black and white. I know what he did to you my angel. It is not easy to say that I believe the future will even be worse. My belief could turn into a prayer. A prayer of a mother, should never be expressed in anger. I dont want bad curse to fall upon you.
A marriage will be of good times and  bad times. I hope that your life will full of good times. My door and my heart will always be with you in  bad times. And when the bad time really arrives, my door is always open for you, only you. I know who he is and what he wants from you, I will never let him have his ways. Not when these arms of mine are still strong to protect you. This is not just a promise. But this is a prayer of a mother for her daughter.

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